Market Entry Services

Our market planning services are customized for overseas organizations wishing to enter India. Some of the many challenges faced by foreign organizations wishing to enter India include the need to understand the complexities of the Indian local business environment; accessing relevant linkages to gain much needed information; coping with inefficiencies caused due to reaching out to potential information sources, many of whom may not be of use; investments in scarce time of expat resources in visiting the country for multiple exploratory visits. 

The range of initial needs include gathering information on the Indian market to assess market feasibility and understand the business environment, gaining information on the legal and regulatory environment, conducting exploratory visits, building local human resource networks and developing industry linkages. As the organization firms up its decision to enter India, there are needs to incorporate a business entity in India and to identify and recruit local talent. 

Sector Access provides customized market planning services to help you achieve these objectives and more. Our service offer is to partner you as a facilitator in your transition to local business operations in India. Our market planning services include: 

•  Formative market research and feasibility studies 

•  Facilitation of business contacts

•  Facilitation of exploratory market visits

•  Internship familiarization of executives

•  Cross-cultural training programs

•  Facilitation to register business entities as per local regulations

•  Recruitment 

Further, as you start your operations in the country, Sector Access provides comprehensive human resource consulting. For further information, please visit HR Set-up. 

For further information please write to us at or call us at +91-11-4686-0000.