Global Consulting Expertise

Sector Access provides a bridge for clients to avail global experience and expertise in varied areas of engagement. We have active networks with a wide pool of experienced consultants to provide you with specialists knowledge partners on your sectors of interest.

Japanese TQM and Technology Expertise
In Association with Market Research Corporation, Japan

Sector Access has a panel of expert consultants in the area of Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, ERP, IT Integration, Machining, and Production Management. With an average industry experience of 25 years, these consultants bring a sustained depth of experience with organizations such as NEC Corp, NEC Anelva, Kanematsu, Y.K.Hewitt Consulting, Dai Nippon Corporation, System Kyodo, Ebara Corporation and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries. The span of experience coupled with cross-cultural exposure enables each of our panel of consultants to bring the requisite know-how to effectively apply Japanese TQM concepts and technologies in the Indian context. Their industry experience spans aspects of production management, ERP, machining, supply chain management and IT integration in diverse industry sectors such as automobile, electronic components, semi-conductors, packaged food and steel. 

Our services are customized as per our client requirements.

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