HR set-up

Sector Access provides you with the following services to enable you to set-up your human resource processes:

Setting-up processes for a new location: 
Sector Access provides you with support functions from setting-up to streamlining your HR process for your new operations in India or for your new branch offices. Our support functions are rendered for a pre-defined duration following our HR ADOPTION MODEL to put the requisite HR processes in place. 

Our services include support for recruitments, set-up of administrative and HR procedures, design and documentation of HR policy, manpower planning for short-term and long term, design of compensation and benefit plans, developing payroll processes, identifying training needs and developing training calendars, design of performance appraisal systems and many other aspects to provide you with comprehensive support to ensure your HR processes are in place.

Sector Access provides services to help you staff-up to make your new office locations functional. Our approach recognizes the typicality in a start-up operation such as need for resources to be open to multi-tasking, adjust to infrastructure issues, be prepared for rapid evolution of role span, understand that plans may need frequent review and adjustments etc. We ensure that our look out for human resource takes in account these and other aspects based on your brief. Our services include:

•  understanding your organization’s requirements and assisting in manpower planning

•  identifying potential resources

•  conducting initial screening interviews

•  assisting in organization mass interviews at different locations

•  assisting your organization on the interview panel to identify the most suitable candidate

•  conducting reference checks

•  negotiating the compensation with the selected candidates

•  coordination of release and acceptance of offer letters

•  follow-up with candidates till joining of services

•  engaging with candidates after joining to assist in on-boarding

Defining compensation levels: 
Sector Access provides services to new establishments to assist in developing the compensation and benefits structure across levels of your organization. Our approach is based on understanding your organization’s financials, growth estimates and the market environment to determine compensation levels linked to various roles as per the planned hierarchies within the organization. Our specialized research unit enables us to provide you with compensation benchmarking services for identifying the best possible salary range that you can provide your employees in India.

Payroll management: 
Sector Access provides your organization with end-to-end payroll management services to assist you reduce your overhead costs and manage mandatory compliances related to provident fund, ESI, income tax, professional tax and other statutory requirements. The service is especially useful at the initial stages of your operations till your HR and finance teams are fully staffed. 

Developing HR policy: 
Sector Access provides services for your organization to develop HR policies responding to ‘must have” immediate needs including mandatory compliances as well as placing the framework for induction of policies as the establishment matures. Our services include, understanding your organization’s requirements, developing the policy content, rephrasing the policy content, designing the policy manual, uploading the policy manual onto a web-based forum, and printing copies of the manual.

Our services are customized as per your requirements. 

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