Talent Planning Solutions

Sector Access provides specialist services to help you plan and manage talent acquisition for your organization. These services are especially useful to international and local organizations planning to start business in India or entities who do not have dedicated HR managers.

Sector Access has validated processes that include:

•  Consulting with decision-makers of your organization to understand the business environment and the requirements of your business in the immediate and the medium term.

•  Working with your team to understand the best fit of potential positions in terms of role, organization hierarchy and budgets.

•  Developing a talent plan framework for a defined duration and supporting the plan with likely scenarios based on carrying achievements of planned business objectives.

•  Developing job descriptions for planned positions.

•  Assisting in recruiting talent as per the job descriptions.

Integral to our approach is developing relevant databases to create a pool of qualified candidates as per annual plans to improve quality of fulfillment and minimize lag-time during the course of the defined plan duration. 

For further information please write to us at info@sectoraccess.org or call us at +91-11-4686-0000.