Candidate Verification Solutions

Sector Access provides a bouquet of Candidate Verification Solutions to assist you to fulfill this key requirement on close of a recruitment cycle. The solutions are developed based on the position, budgets and time available, and include:

•  Collection of requisite documents, such as:

    o   Educational certificates

    o   Employment contracts, documents relating to current and previous employment

    o   Income documents relating to current and previous employment

    o   Address and citizenship status documents

    o   Any other documents required

•  Verification of documents through phone or personal visits

•  Conducting reference checks with supervisors in current and past employment

•  Verifying career details mentioned in the CV


Sector Access utilizes validated processes and formats to ensure confidentiality of information and to obtain information that is accurate and relevant. To share an example, our reference check would typically ascertain responses to the following queries:

•  Referees relationship with the candidate

•  Candidate’s reason for leaving previous employments

•  Referee willingness to rehire the candidate

•  Candidate’s professional traits as an individual and in a team

•  Candidate’s nature of work

•  Normative behaviors regarding the candidate such as, attendance, punctuality, and time management 

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