On-boarding Solutions

Many experiences have revealed that newly-joined employees may take between 3 to 6 months to settle in their work environment and proactively express concerns that they may have. This thereby results in attitude and behavior formation without providing an adequate window for employers to clarify or respond on concerns. The scenario tends to accentuate in case of reporting relationships that span different geographies or cultures and in case of junior and middle level executives. Our On-boarding Solutions thereby help you mitigate this risk and consequently lead to lowered attrition and increased productivity at the work place.

Sector Access provides On-boarding Solutions to organizations for standardizing their on-boarding practices and facilitating this process for their new recruits. The On-boarding Solutions aim to provide comprehensive support to help you settle in new recruits and ensure their smooth transition as effective resources in your team.

Based on your organization’s requirements we plan out the on-boarding process, conduct and facilitate the on-boarding processes for your new recruits to get adequately oriented in the shortest period possible to enable the new recruit to resume responsibilities. Our solutions are structured to provide numerous opportunities for new recruits to share a gamut of concerns with our facilitation team during their initial days in your organization. We work with the assigned representatives in your organization to complete all the processes for a new recruit and provide a compiled report at the end of this process.

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