Appraisal Management Solutions

Timely and effective appraisal management systems are critical in today’s work environment where employees increasingly seek proactive engagement and feedback as a core of their value quotient with their job. Organizations tend to face many fold challenges to design and implement performance appraisal systems. A smaller organization may not have dedicated resources to do so, while in others the concerned line managers may not assign an adequate priority on this aspect given the multiplicity of other responsibilities.

Sector Access provides customized solutions to work with your team to design and implement performance appraisal systems. Our services include:

•  Design and development of the appraisal system

•  Design and development of appraisal tools including appraisal forms and analysis tools

•  Working closely with your staff members to ensure a timely start and completion of the appraisal process

•  Collation of data and completing the necessary required analytics to provide a ready to use report for decisions to be taken post appraisal

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