HR Review & Audit Solutions

Are you maximizing the contribution of your human resources?
Do you have a list of steps that you can take today to improve your ROI on your human resources?
Are you really gaining from your organization’s HR activities?
Which of these activities are really touching the people in your organization? And which are considered as a formality to be completed?
Do you have past records to better understand which HR activities have worked and those that did not?
Do you have information on the larger reasons why people continue to work with you or decide to leave?
How effective are your organization’s HR efforts?
Could you be doing better? How do you know?

A question of answers. Answers that deliver critical value to enable your human resources to be the most enduring assets in your organization. The HR function is the strongest organization-wide leverage available to improve performance and can serve as the single most powerful accelerator for better revenues across all divisions and functions in the organization. However, a lack of emphasis on the HR function or a routine approach to do the bare essentials may lead to increased vulnerability of your organization to risks of increased attrition, inefficiency, low-productivity, low-morale, all of which have a cascading negative effect on your bottom-line.

Sector Access’s HR review and audit services provides you with a strategic planning tool to help your organization review and evaluate your HR initiatives, develop standards and identify areas of improvement to help you become an employer of choice and maximize the contribution of your human resource. With a core focus on providing actionable recommendations based on operational insights, our HR review and audit services also provide services to perform due diligence reviews and integration with existing internal audit and compliance programs.

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