Sector assessments

Sector Access provides services to conduct behavorial and technical assessments to address recruitment and development needs. The services span conducting standard psychometric tests, in association with duly licensed practitioners, as well as, design and conducting of customized assessments to address specific needs. In the continuing endeavor to gain a better appreciation on employee engagement, Sector Access offers individual contact coaching programs that address a variety of issues that may affect the performance of an individual at the work-place. These programs are based on a bouquet of assessment formats that involve a sustained engagement with the individual. They are conducted over a duration ranging from 90 days to 1 year.

An assessment involving the workgroup and the individual to understand an individual’s personal and professional alignment in the defined role. The information areas include assessing personal and technical aspects in context of the individual’s role fitment. The personal aspects are examined both at the team and the individual level. The results are useful to assist the individual map one’s own strength, weakness and latent aptitudes in context of the job role and to assist the organization identify areas of fitment as well as type of inputs that need to be provided to the individual.

An assessment that conducts a deep dive into how an individual responds as a team player. The assessment spans parameters at a generic level of team engagement and aligns to specific needs within the assigned role in an organization. The results are useful to assist in identifying areas of strength and of improvement to help an individual engage effectively in a team.

The assessment helps to map the needs of the individual and existing competencies and needs of the individual to progress to the next assigned role in the organization. The assessment is useful to develop individuals identified as potentially suitable for an increased responsibility or for individuals who have progressed to a new responsibility.

The assessment tool serves to map an individual status as an effective communicator. It serves to map a range of aspects that together affect an individual’s ability as an effective communicator. The assessment captures overt normative for communication including voice or written expression and further explores deeply entrenched motivators that yield current behaviors. The results are useful to assist the individual to identify areas of strength and of improvement and for the organization to ascertain inputs to build skills in the individual.

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