Sector surveys

Sector Access offers services of customized research to address a gamut of human resource aspects. These services provide you the expertise of our HR specialists supported by a full service research team.

Employee satisfaction surveys: 
Periodic audits or one-time surveys to help you understand the levels of employee satisfaction by recency of employment, functional area, organizational hierarchy or by independent office locations such as area, branch and regional offices. The surveys provide information to benchmark against standards and help understand pain points and points of gain to improve employee engagement in your organization. These surveys provide you with results on a continuing basis or a specific assessment of impacts of internal HR practices that may have been initiated or conditions that may have been created due to developments external to the organization. 

Compensation benchmarking surveys: 
Customized surveys that help you benchmark compensation levels including past trends and future projections for your sector.

Opinion surveys: 
Gain information on what your employees think on a wide spectrum of issues within their work life window and distil the information in context of work related impacts.

Culture & climate surveys: 
Gain information on how your organizations culture and the unspoken norms are enhancing or adversely affecting productivity and job effectiveness.

Customer satisfaction surveys: 
A key leverage for organization performance are people within and external to the organization who are not customers of the organization product or service offer but form an important customer group with a continuous transaction with the organization. Our customer satisfaction surveys provide an exclusive focus on this group that comprises employees, service providers, channel partners, consulting associates or other stakeholders who have a consistent engagement with your organization.

The surveys identify these internal and external customers and assess satisfaction levels based on industry and organization benchmarks. The perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of this group is often driven by outcomes of your organizations HR mandate.  The results help understand the gaps in customer delivery and improve on tangible and perceptual aspects leading to higher customer satisfaction scores. These surveys can significantly help to identify and implement organization-wide initiatives to improve internal work environments and enhance the value engagement with entities that regularly interact with your organization.

Change surveys: 
The surveys respond to needs within organizations to respond to internal or external changes. The change could be in terms of process, structures or outputs. The surveys help pin point key motivators or barriers that are likely to affect embracing the change.

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