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In our endeavor to deliver the maximum value to our clients, Sector Access seeks to continuously enrich its own understanding on HR aspects by conducting periodic surveys. Sector Access’s Snippet Finder is our knowledge finding bureau which conducts regular HR surveys across the industry for employees and employers to gain an appreciation of evolving HR trends. 

Our surveys include subscription based reports on a range of HR aspects. The reports bring to you a bouquet of unfettered employee and employer views on a variety of issues such as communication, compensation, career growth opportunities, attrition, retention, benchmarking best practices, quality of work environment, on-boarding etc.  

Some of the tools used to conduct the Snippet Finder surveys include: 

•  on-line questionnaires,

•  in-depth interviews,

•  focused group discussions, and

•  psychometric tests.

Benefits of Snippet Finder:

•  Third-party backed anonymous surveys which allows for candid, high quality responses

•  Provides a unique perspective by representing the voice of employees expressed in an environment free of normative organization protocols 

•  Provides you with insights on the real impact of HR interventions: corridor conversations that often do not make it to “official” meetings 

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