Competency Mapping Solutions

Sector Access Competency Mapping Solutions aim to address the incongruence faced between the organization expectations and the performance of employees. Some of the many reasons could be employee perspectives based on prior employment experiences, lack of clarity on the role, lack of understanding of expectations, need for technical knowledge or skill development, need for development on personal attributes or issues on motivational aspects. Our solutions aim to address the core issue of aligning individual competencies of employees with the expectations of the organization to achieve improved performance of the employee and alignment with the organization priorities. In essence, we map clusters of knowledge, skills, and personal attributes that lead to high performance in specific jobs roles. This information is considered with organizational values and expectations and status of concerned employees on required competencies, towards arriving at solution propositions. The outputs aim to provide both an immediate solution to issues of concern and to develop and implement a sustainable competency based management system in the long-term.

Our Competency Mapping Solutions help to provide:

• A clear communication of the organization expectations in the form of measurable employee competency

• Objective and measurable indicators for tasks and behaviors for each individual in the organization

• A common understanding of scope and requirements for a  specific role

• Analysis of the skill, aptitude and knowledge of each employee to provide an individual competency profile

• Measurable performance standards that help in objective assessment of employee strengths and areas of improvement

• Improved employee satisfaction and better employee retention

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