Training Solutions

Sector Access offers Training Solutions as a continuing engagement to respond to evolving skill requirements within an organization. We seek to integrate pre-training need assessment and post-training support as a core offer.  We also believe that investments in training need to render tangible returns and therein our Training Solutions offer training assessments through our full service research team.

We provide a range of Training Solutions to respond to personnel and technical training needs emerging at various levels within an organization. We partner clients across the stages of a training cycle.

Sector Access:

•  Conducts training needs assessments

•  Develops training strategy and training calendars

•  Develops training content

•  Designs training materials including training aids and participant take-away kits

•  Conducts training programs

•  Conducts assessments of training

Our training services are supported with rich experience in classroom training, on-the-job training, outbound training, post-training support, and experimental learning methodologies. Our full service team includes research specialists, HR professionals, training professionals and communication design personnel. Sector Access has committed partnerships with specialist trainers who bring in the requisite experience and expertise to adequately respond to a training need.


Sector Access conducts training workshops on a variety of areas and invites individual and organizations to participate. The participation is on first-come-first served basis with a maximum batch size of 20 participants or less per workshop.

Foundation Series: 
March 1 – 2, Jaipur,  May 3-4, Shimla; June 14 – 15, Coorg; July 5 – 6, Panjim
Managing new job blues: for newly qualified executives who have recently joined their 1st job or have work experience of less than two years.

Behavior Change Communication: Strategy to Implementation
April 11 – 13, Jaipur
Key concepts and practice aspects to design and manage program communication for program specialists who do not have specialist experience in the area or have qualified in communication.

CEO Agenda:
October 4 – 6, Bali

Country program managers deliberate on challenges to manage a country program successfully. Peer experiences, cross level experiences, self-introspection, management games are some of the many aspects in this event that will span the varied hues of a Country Program responsibility to give you valuable insights on what could make the difference in your strategy.

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