My sandwich beyond lunch!

As a person, people have always fascinated me and being a recruiter has given me the chance to interact with them, know them, and understand them. I love my job, it fascinates me. There is a glorious certainty to the unending uncertainty – after all say they say ‘HR and recruitment is all about people’ – and people are always so certainly uncertain. All these years working as a recruiter I have come across numerous resumes and each has been unique in its own way. Resumes are the first interaction recruiters have with candidates. A recruiter formulates a brief of the job description in his/her own mind and when a recruiter looks at the resume  of a candidate, he/she gets a virtual image of the candidate, and thus starts the conversation with a candidate with that in mind… And then comes the real picture! After engaging with the candidates, a recruiter comes across a wide range of personalities and ‘characters’ at times very similar, as reflected in their resumes, and at times very different. For e.g., there are resumes which are well written, seem to be fluent in English, quite elaborate - reflecting the responsibilities handled by them, but when the real conversation starts it turns out to be something else.

Candidates with really well written angrezi resumes are hardly able to speak in English. And it may get worse! You find a perfect CV and the candidate tells you that she has just switched jobs. But such is life, and with undiluted optimism of getting the right profile one moves on to the next resume. Optimism brings new flavors. Even as you thought you’d seen it all, out pops a candidate to provide a distinct new and totally different experience from ever before. New flavors unlimited. Declining enthusiasts who are very enthusiastic during initial conversations and then decline – not the job but their enthusiasm to respond to interim stages - sending an updated CV or even just attending the interview. Alibi specialists who provide the recruiter with the widest range of excuses to not do, do little or just temporarily disappear. Like others of my kin I keep a special radar to spot alibi specialists. But every once a while my worst nightmare happens and the CV reaches my client. Candidates looking for a job change usually say that they are looking for growth, however many a times they themselves are not sure about what kind of growth they are looking for. Often we find it is irritation with the current employment and a future growth in salary.   Being a recruiter, I always look for a candidate who has had a stable career without too may job shifts, a candidate who can contribute to the organization where he/she has been hired, in short a candidate who becomes an asset to the organization. Such candidates can make a difference to hiring companies by use of their knowledge and experience, and may also become the profit holder of the company in the long run. These are small things in candidates CVs, however it is their attitude that gives them an edge over the rest. Finally, you come across the resume of a candidate who is like ‘BANG ON’! ‘This is it!’ ‘This is who you were looking for’ and your search ends… with a new beginning for a new position… my sandwich…

- Chandrakanta, Sector Access