•  Why should we work with you?
We own your brief. Carefully consider our capacities before making a delivery commitment. Committed to processes and deliver on time.  Our growth is built on continuing growing client relationships. 

•  What are the types of services provided by you?
We provide end-to-end HR consulting services including recruitments, training, payroll management, assessments, competency mapping, staffing, policy manual and support for start-up operations and for new ventures entering the Indian market.

•  Do you understand the development sector and its needs?
Yes. We have a sustained experience of over five years in providing a range of HR services to national and international organizations in the not-for-profit sector. The span of clients includes donor institutions, international NGOs, national NGOs, technical assistance agencies, social entrepreneurship organisations, consulting organizations and corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have managed assignments for recruitment, outsourced staffing, design of HR policy, design and conduction of training, research and assessments.

•  What are the kind of positions managed by you for organizations in the development sector?
We have successfully managed recruitments for program management positions, technical specialists as well as general staff positions. The levels including country level responsibilities.

•  What makes your recruitment approach give us better value?
Our recruitment service processes may seem similar to many agencies. However the difference is our allegiance to understanding your brief and delivering value through a careful screening of each profile using validated processes. Unlike many recruitment agencies with a limited service offer, we constantly enrich our recruitment processes by applying techniques and learnings from varied aspects of our HR service portfolio to help better assess and understand fitment of likely candidates. To know more about our approach, please visit Executive Search for further information or click here for further information.

•  Typically who do you engage with in client systems?
Head of HR, Line Managers, Department Heads and Board members.  

•  What are the kinds of positions you have managed?
We have managed positions across the board including line management and staff positions. Our team comes with a rich experience of managing recruitment of full time positions, consultant or short-term positions as well as, outsourced staffing requirements.

•  Do you provide technical experts for assisting organizations in interview processes?
Yes. We have a panel of consultants who are functional specialists in varying sectors and come with experience of varying organization types in India and overseas. We provide their services to assist in the interview process on functional aspects of the position. Further, our team is staffed with personnel with a background in psychology and expertise in psychometric assessments, NLP or other techniques that help assess suitability of candidates. 

•  Can you host a walk-in/planned recruitment at a specific venue on our behalf?
We provide end-to-end services to manage pre-recruitment announcements, venue management as well as providing personnel to assist in the candidate evaluation processes.

•  Do you have services to manage our back-end HR functions?
We provide off-site or on-site contracted services to manage various aspects of your HR function to include staffing, leave and attendance management, payroll management, performance appraisal, incentives and awards, conferences and many more.

•  Can you help us for recruitments outside of India?
Yes. We have successfully managed positions in locations outside India. Our data bank spans many countries in the region and beyond. Further, by virtue of a range of services that we offer in markets outside of India our team is continually being exposed to developments in these markets to enable the effectiveness of our response to your brief. 

•  We have our internal T&D and recruitment teams. Where can you add value?
Our value proposition is in our ability to work with your teams to respond to specific needs of your organization. We provide customized solutions to assist and work as an extended arm of your HR team to help you minimize your overhead commitments while ensuring initiatives as per your company’s policies. Some of the many areas of such engagement include assisting your T&D team to design and managed internal trainings, working on-site to assist in routine HR work, managing specialized trainings that require external resources, supporting your recruitment team for components of the recruitment processes, managing recruitments that need external support as well as, assisting in strategic imperatives such as policy review, employee satisfaction measurements or HR audits.

•  We have a few employees who have to be trained in general areas do you have any services for this? What are the types of training you provide?
We provide a comprehensive range of training solutions through our panel of specialist trainers. Our long-term engagement with our trainers enables us to provide you with best cost solutions supported with the commitment of an organization with access to multiple training resources. We have a range of training programs as well as develop training customized to your brief. 

•  We are facing a challenge of motivating and retaining new hires who join us from campus or have work experience in range of 1 to 2 years. Can you offer a solution to address this issue?
Sector Access has developed a unique foundation series training to address challenges faced by those who have begun their professional careers are facing challenges in understanding organization expectations and in settling in. Our trainers are in range of 3 to 5 years experience and are uniquely equipped to appreciate and engage with concerns of this group.

•  We need to update our HR policy manual can you manage this assignment?
Yes. Sector Access has successfully managed assignments for updations on HR policy. The  processes involve a thorough scan and compilation of policies that may be in force by scanning internal memos and engaging with key functionaries. Further, we update the policy based on industry/sector norms and to ensure compliances to the current regulatory environment.

•  I have a start-up organization can you help me with the HR function?
Sector Access has a customized service to assist start-up organizations. The service portfolio considers the gamut of needs of a start-up organization to include likely delay or acceleration in start-up of different aspects of operations, needs of outsourced facilities progressing to in-house staffing,  recruitment needs that may initially need short-term consultants, resources who can work in low infrastructure environments, be open to a rapid transition of roles etc. Our modular service approach enables you to engage on a need basis linked to available budgets and the actual roll-out of operations.

•  We are planning to visit India and possibly start-up our India operations. How can you assist us?
Sector Access provides you with exploratory market research solutions to include market scans, legal and regulatory environment mapping, market feasibility analysis and, identifying and facilitating potential local partnerships. Further we provide support to plan the itinerary for your visits to India, making requisite travel and stay reservations and bookings, arranging interpretation and translation services, scheduling appointments with business interest contacts and providing local accompaniment. As you firm up your decision to enter India, we assist to incorporate a business entity in India and to identify and recruit local talent. 

•  We require assessments to be conducted on our employees from time to time. What can you offer us?
Sector Access conducts standard psychometric assessments for recruitment and for development. Our full service research team is also equipped to conduct customized assessments such as employee satisfaction measurement, employee engagement mapping or compensation benchmarking.