Staffing Solutions

Sector Access provides Staffing Solutions to comprehensively address term staffing requirements. Our Staffing Solutions include:

Staffing advisory:
Sector Access provides specialized advisory services to assist you to plan your short-term, project-based or seasonal staffing requirements. The advisory processes including, gaining a holistic understanding of the staffing objective, the deliverables planned for the contract staff within the staffing period, the role of the staff in the overall project or business cycle and suggesting alternate search solutions to fulfil the staffing needs within the assigned time frame. 

Contingent staffing:
Sector Access provides temp staff as per the profile required by your organization for periods varying between 6 months to 1 year. Our constant interface with candidates across industry sectors and varying range of experience as well as our data bank of consultants, give us a unique edge to provide a quick and effective solution to your temp staffing needs. Our Contingent Staffing solutions help you manage a variety of unforeseen situations such as sick leave, maternity leave, peaks in the workload or a new business contract that needs a sudden increase in qualified staff. 

Contract staffing:
Sector Access provides contract staffing solutions for provision of staff for longer terms, typically in the range of 1 to 3 years.  Our Contract Staffing solutions are customized to ensure a considered search for individual position vacancies that may arise in your organization. We believe that a resource who is placed as an outcome of a Contract Staffing solution needs to match the profile of a permanent staff in a similar position, given the primacy of roles that may typically be assigned.  Our team thereby provides a strong focus on understanding the position brief and following due processes to ensure the best fit. On completion of the selection process, Sector Access assumes the employer of record responsibilities to coordinate for attendance, leave, payroll and requisite mandatory obligations. 

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