Assessing Cultural Fitment

Sector Access provides customized solutions to assess your employees’ cultural fitment into the Indian environment. This service will be useful to you if you are planning to transfer select employees to an office location in India and you would like to assess their cultural compatibility and adaptability to the Indian cultural context. 

Our services include mapping an understanding of your employees work culture, social environment and behavior and linking it with the Indian context.  Supported by our specialized research unit we utilize a range of assessment tools to gather the requisite information on-line and over telephone and provide a fitment report with areas of concern and actionable recommendations. 

Facilitation to register business entities as per local regulations: 

Sector Access is associated with a specialized team of financial consultants to help you understand regulations related to creating business entities in India and to facilitate registration of your business entity. This includes ensuring compliance to norms related to FDI, Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT, and registration as per the Indian laws for foreign companies.

Our services are customized as per your requirements.

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